Artistry by Ruth Robbins

I began painting later in life as a self-taught artist. Why? because I deal with the spiritual, at least visually, is seldom something that can be easily described. Case in point is my painting of an angel featured in this gallery. I saw the angel in the form of a dream or vision several years ago. I had had no experience drawing or painting faces, and had ideas about wings that did not match what I saw. That's not including the colors. That being said, there's often symbolism in what I paint, and frequently the paintings have words in them that tell me what they're about. The words didn't get into the paintings through brush strokes at a conscious level. They couldn't. They were formed as the paint dried. And they were all about the Bible, all positive. Anyway, this is something you would have to see on the art to understand. By the way, that's how the features on the angels showed up, too (but not the big angel). Perfect faces, perfectly formed, as if painted by a single hair. I can't claim credit for the way the paint dries to form those faces. It's just the gift God put in me when He made me a spiritual artist. Enjoy.