My name is Chris, and I live in the Great Pacific Northwest of the USA. I've loved to draw, paint, sketch, and photograph interesting things since I was a child. I've recently rediscovered my Love of Art, and will begin adding new items as they become available. I favor Landscapes, Animals, and Fantasy pictures and paintings. I do my best to provide a varied selection.

I attended one year of Art College at The Praxis School of Art, studying Figure Drawing, Illustration, Calligraphy, and Graphics Media. My favorite medium is pencil and charcoal. I'm learning more about watercolor and oils now. Recently, I've dabbled in creating digital art on the computer.

I would Love to work on my Art full-time as a career, and share my creativity with everyone. Perhaps even have my creations on your walls at home or in your office.

Thank You for viewing my Artwork.