I am from Singapore currently living in Florence, Italy.
I started picking up a ballpoint pen to sketch when I first arrived in Italy in 2012. The wonderful architecture captivated me and the only way to "possess" them to study in detail is by sketching. Most of my sketches comprise of the wonderful architecture around Italy, some scenes from the European countries, while I also did a few of my native country Singapore.

My tempera coloured pieces originated from my habit of doodling leaves and vines and writing cursive, a splash of color was added as a sudden inspiration. I have also explored other themes using tempera colours, depending on what inspired me, like my rose windows collection and my metallic colours on black with a floral theme.

Even though nature exist in colours, black and white designs bring out a sense of orderliness, clean cut and precision. The Zen-tangle style collection is a series of monuments around in world in black and white swirls.



Rose Windows

Metallic Colours on Black

Lord of The Rings (LOTR) Quotes

Quotes and Painted words