Desert Saints

Desert Saints

J.J. Childress: I grew up with photography in my folks camera store (when there was such a thing). I started painting later in life. I am Cali born and raised. I don’t expect to put forward a photo collection until late 2022. I dabble in writing and poetry.
We just moved to Arizona, everything is currently under the Desert Saints. I tend to paint that which I can not put into words. Most of my abstract is very introspective. Anything with abstract swirling is a journey deep into my psyche.
I tend to paint very Zen and let works happen, this occasionally creates some gloriously catastrophic failures, never stress these, keep creating…
There are a few impressionist style paintings to represent how I see the world. There are a handful of randomly different journeys that you can see for your self. There are a few I own and allow reprints of that are actually my incredibly talented daughter’s work: J.R. Childress.

Gifts from the Desert

Introspection and Self Portraits


Different Journeys

Works by J.R. Childress

Into the Desert for Truth