Chemayne Kraal

Chemayne Kraal

In 2017, Chemayne started painting at the age of 51 after a 35 year hiatus. She retired from the corporate sector for Belgium with her husband on an expatriate assignment.

What started out as an attempt to translate pictures of life and travels around Europe, North America and Australia helped her rediscover her love for painting.

These days, Chemayne paints from her family home in the City of Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. She is self taught, inspired by the great masters such as JH Dolsma and V Yushkevich. She continues to develop her painting technique in acrylics and loves a bold colour palette.

During the covid pandemic of 2020, Chemayne started a self-taught series on the beauty of mysterious fogs and mists that swirl and envelope mountains and lakes. Her usual bold colour palette gave way to softer hues.

In January 2021, she started a new series on sun rays.

Come mid 2021, Chemayne delved into painting her favourite seasons starting a new collection called Autumn. She showcases both the sunny, vivid autumn-scapes as well as the wet, mysterious, misty landscapes.

Autumn 2021

Rivers & Creeks

2021 Sun rays sunshine series

Pandemic 2020 series

Seascapes 2020/21

The Four Seasons 2019

Rocks and canyons 2018

Clouds, sunsets, night sky 2017/18