Jason Chaos is an Artist from Long Beach, New York, And has been painting since the age of 13. He specialize in the Dark art culture style in a theme concept story in his drawings.

Open your mind into the dark art.
Special Dark Artist for the Freaks/Misfits/Satanism

I Do Light Art Too.

Secret to our success? Is YOU!

I wanted to let you know that I offer the best services in New York and everywhere.
You get a special one-on-one attention, I also wanted to let you know that your important to me, because I could not be in business without you.

I have a lot to offer you. My services and products that I are sure you will be interested.

All paintings is customized however or whatever you want it to be in light or dark style.

Ask what your looking for or want and it will be granted :)

The customize painting takes about two weeks to make. I usually take half payment up front and the whole in the end of work.

This is my personal e-mail address : / For any questions.