Casey Jones Art

Casey Jones Art

Raised in Rochester, Minnesota, Casey is currently in the process of transferring into an art school. She is currently applying to School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Minneapolis College of Art and Design. In the hopes of getting accepted into an illustration or drawing program, she will continue to expand her knowledge and boundaries with her art making process.

"I find that art has many different uses, and as an artist I can use this medium to convey a message, tell a story, or provoke an idea. Aside from making my work visually appealing, I strive to make an active change with my work as well. My ultimate goal as an artist is to use my art to bring awareness to an issue that is dear to me; animal rights. A few of my pieces already touch upon the issue, but I aspire to use my work to educate the masses.

In addition to conceptual art, I also like to experiment with different mediums and art styles. Mediums such as charcoal, marker, and ink are outside my comfort zone but I am willing to work rigorously to achieve the quality and effectiveness as I do with my graphite drawings. I also like to experiment with direct observations, especially with portraits and figure drawings and hope to bring a different light upon the style.

I have also found a new interest in abstract paintings that explore the conceptual side of abstract art. Combining the two ideas is a unique and distinct art style that I strive to create my own."

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