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Robert E. Casey 1914-1993

I'm presenting the artwork of my father, Robert Casey. He started cartooning during WWII and began studying painting after the war. He exhibited in his hometown, Seattle Washington. He had one-man shows at the Hathaway Gallery, and the Door. He showed at group shows at the Frye Museum, the Seattle Art Museum, the Woessner Gallery, the Henry Gallery and the Puyallup Fair. He was also in a show at the Denver Art Museum. After retiring from his day job as a letter carrier, he moved to London and continued to paint and exhibit.

Casey' works were shown along side well-known artists like Kenneth Callahan, Jacob Elshin, Doris Chase, William Cumming, Walter Isaacs, Mark Tobey, George Tsutakawa, Morris Graves, Alden Mason, Viola Patterson and many others.

His earliest works in the 1950' and 1960's were large scale canvases, painted using brushes and knives. After his move to England he changed from oil paint to acrylic, and smaller sized works.