Cas Slagboom

Cas Slagboom

What I see cannot be caught
What I record is a lie
I will understand much later
How my eyes deceived me

All the knowledge we have about our world may give us the impression that we really understand it better. But nothing gives me more freedom than letting go of that knowledge, in order to experience the shortest way to wonder, and the resulting love.

In our current understanding of the world and how we deal with her, there is a gaping lack of knowledge but nothing to fill this.

This theme is a red thread in my work. In my free work but also in my portraits.
When I started photographing, I felt that photography was lacking in conveying my inner experience of the world around me. With the eye and training of an artist, with my groundbreaking experience as a mountaineer, and my years of experience as a designer, I wanted to take my work and photos to a different level. From thousands of photos of specific places and details I compose unknown and magical landscapes.
In my free work I want to imagine the world in which the boundary between us and the natural environment is fading. I want to create images that put us in a different relationship, in which we do not necessarily have the determining and controlling role, but are vulnerable.

I want to open a window to possibilities. To show a mirror that inspires and allows the viewer to look around with a new look. Looking for the right balance between our desire and the importance of the natural environment, of which we depend.
I almost always opt for a romantic visual language. We all know that everyday reality is different, but I think you can only change that reality with a dream. The dream of unconditional love for the world in which we live.

Cas Slagboom was born and raised in Vlissingen The Netherlands. He now lives in Utrecht.
He has been trained at St. Joost academy for Fine Art in Breda, Netherlands. Fine Art and Graphic Design.

Before he started with visual art, he spent years in nature as a mountaineer. Here he has been able to explore many boundaries, in many areas. As a child he learned all the tricks of photography from his father. An on-going learning process.


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