Carrie McNorgan

Carrie McNorgan

London, Ontario born artist. Graduate and Art major of HB Beal Art then went off to start and raise her family. It wasn't until 2012 that she rediscovered her passion for painting and the arts altogether. Since then she has created many pieces that have had rave reviews and have been purchased for the enjoyment in homes and offices all over Canada as well as a few States.

All of her paintings are done with acrylics and various medium gels to integrate texture and effect.

Most​ of her work is inspired by feelings of the heart. Between the beats lay the soul, searching for a deeper connection of ourselves and our relationships. In the midst of the storm we realize we are not alone, in the beauty of a sunrise we seek to shine, and in the notes of music are we lost in the rhythm of our own story. Each piece calls for reflection and knowledge of one’s self.