Carmen Iglesias

Carmen Iglesias

I was born in the coastal town of Colonia del Sacramento, in Uruguay.

I studied architecture at Colonia Preparatory School of Architecture, and art with well-known Uruguayan artists, taking part in several group exhibitions.

Looking for an adventure, in 1973 my husband and I decided to move to Australia, where we have lived since then, with a brief stint in the Los Angeles, USA, during the 1990s.

Although my primary job In Australia was as a writer – working ten years for the NSW State Government; and journalist, both on the print and online media – I was part owner and editor of the Hispano American Newspaper (print) for 13 years, and Latino America Viva (online) for the past 12 years; I still managed to teach art at Castle Hill Art Society, Bankstown Art Society, Blacktown Community Centre and Fairfield Council Arts Centre.

As well as Australia, my paintings can also be found in Uruguay, USA, Singapores and Japan.

My paintings are inspired by the places I have visited in my extensive travels, both overseas and across this amazing country.