Carla Kurt Art

Carla Kurt Art

I began developing my artistic abilities in high school, and earned a Bachelor's Degree in Art and Bachelor's Degree in Computer Graphics. I gained recognition through a college internship in which I created computer graphics for a project exhibited at Chicago's Museum of Science & Industry in 1985.

My art is in private collections throughout the US as well as internationally, most recently to buyers in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Japan, Scotland, Sweden, Spain, Norway, Malta, Italy, New Zealand, Australia, the Netherlands, and South Africa.

My recent accomplishments include:
*** In 2012, I was commissioned by the Cumberland Pencil Company (Derwent) in the United Kingdom to do a drawing that is shown on their colored pencil set packages, sold worldwide.
*** In 2013, four of my wildlife drawings were featured on the set of AMC TV’s show “Low Winter Sun”.
*** Also in 2013, a midwest art supply company acquired the rights to reproduce 8 of my drawings for use in 'paint-by-number', 'sketch-by-number', and 'colored pencil-by-number' activity kits, sold in craft stores throughout the US.

I reside next to a beautiful lake in the Midwest. My love and respect for nature is reflected in my deeply realistic artwork.