Chris's Creations

Chris's Creations

Born in South Sheilds upon Tyne in 1983. I moved to Milton Keynes when I was just four years of age and I have lived here ever since.

Art & design has always been a key part of my life, from the earliest age. In earlier chapters of my life I have been fortunate enough to visit various locations around the world, where I have discovered more and more of what the world of art and design has to offer. Throughout education I became known as the guy who could draw and recognition for something you are passionate about is worth so so much to me!

I grew up drawing from my favorite books and even stilled images from VHS video tapes. Later I began creating my own characters and worlds which eventually brought me too college and university. I attended Milton Keynes College in Buckinghamshire, and was a student here for five years, studying Fine art and a little later, graphic design.

In 2007 I graduated from a BA Illustration and design course at the University of Sunderland. It was here that I discovered digital illustration and a whole new world to explore opened up to me. Digital illustration offered all the freedoms of traditional drawing and painting ...without the mess that often accompanied it. Digital illustration also offered the ability to remove mistakes and errors without having to restart a piece of artwork.

Today, I am working in a freelance role, working with some incredible clients and some truly fantastic and exciting projects. My one true aim is to please the world with my artwork. If I can draw a smile to everyone who views my work, that would be my goal achieved. My work will almost always appear light hearted, fun and entertaining. I am seeking to make a move into children's book illustration within the next few years and hopefully build my own library of books of my own creation! To anyone who might read this, I hope my artwork brings you just as much joy as it does me to do it and share it.

Many thanks.