Coping Covid Pours

Coping Covid Pours

covid lockdowns, closures, curfews and all the rest made for boring and slow times. needed to find something to fill the void. acrylic pour painting, liquid art did that for me. saw some YouTube videos and got it in. a million canvasses and tons of paint later and here we are. i really enjoy art and appreciate all forms. it is my escape and time to get my mind right. some people believe it's easy and hate on it....well it's not so easy to get them to look good. i don't even know if they truly look good, but have received some positive and encouraging feedback and inquiries on purchasing them so i guess they must be alright. artist is his own worst critique. check em out and judge for yourself. Note: custom pours are available upon
request.....colors, technique, style, size, etc....

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