Maria Victoria Fernandez

Maria Victoria Fernandez

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About the Artist

Maria Victoria Fernandez was born in Cuba in 1954. After the Cuban Revolution she departed the country with relatives in February 1969. They left for Mexico, then Costa Rica, until arriving in the US in Spring of that year. Her parents and siblings remained in Cuba, however, hoping to follow her soon; sadly, the Cuban government closed emigration for the next ten years. But her family’s situation had changed and due to personal reasons, they decided to stay in the island.

The new culture, as well as the absence of her family, created a void in her soul which was thankfully filled when a friend led her to Jesus as her personal Savior.

In 1973, the Lord provided for her in a miraculous way to go to Bible school. She graduated in 1977 in theological studies. Immediately after her graduation, she went as a missionary aide to Manitoba, Canada, where she served the Lord among the Cree Nation.

Upon returning to the United States, she worked for a Christian missionary organization in Chattanooga, TN. The mission managed several projects in Guatemala, Central America, where Maria went to help in the Summer of 1979. While in Guatemala, she met her future husband, Cesareo Fernandez who was also a missionary with the same organization. They soon married and their first child, Christina, was born. Due to the political instabilities of the region, the family returned to the US, where, in South Carolina in 1983, their second child, Jennie, was born.

In 1987, they left as missionaries once again, this time together and as a family, to Mexico City, where they led Bible classes and spearheaded a group that grew to become a church currently led by a godly Mexican pastor. In 1989, their third child, John Andrew, was born. The following year, the family returned to the US where in 1994, their fourth and last child, Samuel, was born.

Maria is very excited about her graphic arts work.

Through her many experiences, Maria has come to see the beauty, joy and hope of life, even in trials - all because of Jesus. Her fervent prayer is that those who see her work may enjoy it and find solace and peace in the blessed Savior.

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