Byron artworks

Byron artworks

Love Whole by Photographer Byron Edmondson

Ads video made by Byron Edmondson
Music by.

Ads. Video made by Byron Edmondson
Music by.

By name is Byron aka Neil I have been making work of arts for many years now. I started making Jewelry and repairing watches from I was a little boy with my Dad on the island of Jamaica. I love looking at the clear night sky with my camera. Please check out my picture of the moon I did that one with no tripod.
Photographer and Video maker Byron.
You can see my Jewelry making work that I have done over the years at. All pictures taken by me.
Thanks to Lincoln the Peruvian Jeweler that though me many Jewelry making skills.
Thanks to all my master Teachers that have thought over the years.

I found this in the mountains of Peru.
I call this Alien Artwork.
Video and pictures by me.

I found this structure in the mountains of Peru South America

I am a Master Artist.
Jewelry making
Watch Making and repair
All Electric system maker
Electric system repair
Camera man
Musical DJ
Drywall and concrete work
TV installation service
Furniture Assemble
Picture hanging
Making Artwork from everything around us.
Art is in everything that exists.
I am highly educated in Astronomy, Philosophy and Archaeology.

Byron Edmondson have discovered many new Archaeology sites in South America Peru.
Byron is the photographer of all images from Google satellite imagery.

Thank you for visiting my site.
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Q/A 754 244 0098

Why should you buy this art?
1: I am the discover of more them one Gigantic structure in South America Peru.
2: I am photographer of all the images in my website.
3: The images are of the highest quality.
4: The images are just beautiful.
5: You will feel joyful and happy just by looking at them.
6: The Value of the pictures will increase in value
Because they will impact the world.
7: If you had the opportunity to buy into Google, Facebook, tweeter, or Microsoft when they just hit the market would you. Knowing that they will increase in value that much. This is that opportunity you are looking at NOW!
8: Don't loose out on this Buy this Art work.
9: I have a proven track record. Look at the jewelry that I have made from I was a 12 year's old. Gold price have gone sky high. Even the jewelry that I make will increase in value because I discovered more than one unknown Gigantic structure in South America Peru push gold, silver, platinum, copper cost.
10: You can Google the ancient gigantic structure and faces for yourself and see that they Real.

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Everyone needs to see this Amazing Gigantic structure in Rock formations in South America Peru.

Thank you for your time.

I Love you

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