Hello, I'm BuzzingMoonArtist!

I have had an interest in art since I was a child but started really trying to hone my artistic skills and abilities in 2017.

After experimenting with lots of different art supplies, I settled on oil paint; the smooth texture along with a slower dry time really appealed to me. I will occasionally dip into other mediums but oil painting is my go-to.

And after just a few paintings, I realized I gravitate towards a theme of fantasy women in surreal worlds. I don't paint clothes on my women because I want them to be timeless; I want to capture the woman’s spirit and typically place her in nature because I find nature to be such an inspiring theme.

During my time as an artist, I have shown my work at many art exhibitions in local gathering centers, loved doing some commission work for locals and have also had my art featured in several art collection books.

Although my pieces often have a deep and personal meaning, I want the viewer to come up with their own interpretation of what my art means. I strive for people to be able to connect with the art on a personal level because my hope is that I can make people happy and feel that they are truly understood through my art.