Born in Holmen, Wisconsin, Colleen Cornelius' work draws inspiration from her early childhood experiences growing up in a rural town. A one room general store with creaky wooden floors, tire swings attached by frayed rope to oak trees, and pale gold hay bales laid across contrasting green pastures are all a thing of the past to Colleens once cozy hometown. These days the town has grown almost ten-fold, and the old general store has since become a distant memory.

Today, Colleen is focused on capturing contrasting images of nature and Americana that invoke a sense of nostalgia from living on the farm belt to the industrial growth of cities that have created beautiful cityscapes. This medium connects a unique collection of photographs that depict the wistfulness of small town America and the diverse melting pot that illuminates U.S. cities today.
Colleen currently resides in Palm Springs, California where she specializes in digital design, macrophotography, and selective coloring.


Big Letter

Summer Fun