I am a female artist. Art has always been something I have loved doing and feel very passionate about , ever since I was young. A few years ago, life brought doing art as one of the main center pieces of my life . I started by drawing and painting Mandalas on plexi glass . I love vivid and bright colors and loved the mandalas coming to life with beautiful colors . The painting was intended to be like a sun catcher, but hanging it on a wall or placing it into a shadow box are suitable too. Painting the mandalas were very meditative and calming for me. I later started to try other arts and crafts like painting dot Mandala which is very fun and relaxing too. Every piece I make is unique because I can’t duplicate it , it is going with the flow of my inspiration at the time I am working on it . I learned how to do quilling ( paper art) which is another fun artful expression. It amazes me that simple strips of colorful paper can be turned into so many beautiful and resourceful things . I am always looking for news ways of expressing my uniqueness and individuality through my artwork. It’s my passion meeting my creativity . Sky is the limit . I love uplifting others and hopefully making a positive difference through my art work.

Dot Mandala and Patterns

Mandala paintings

Word Phrases