Bumper Crop

Bumper Crop


David Squibb lives and works near Asheville, North Carolina. Born and raised in Tennessee, he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. His automotive collages are various combinations of digital media, photos, watercolor and pencil.


Animal Spirit (Mechanical Drive)

Barn Finds (Hidden Gems)

Birds of Prey (Raptor Rapture)

CultCars (Star Power)

Dinky Toys (Plenty of Play)

Dixie Road Trips (In the Year of 49)

Falconer (Colorful Flock)

Fine Fins (Golden Years)

George Miller Time (Mad for Max)

Girls & Boys (All in Barbie & Ken)

Matchbox Mayhem (Take 1-75)

Model Years (Motor City)

Motorama (Flights of Fancy)

Muscle Cars (Power Kicks)

Nutty Mads (On Your Marx)

Patina Turner (Motorama Mama)

Out to Pasture - (Aint What She)

Portal Wagoner (Time Machines)

Promo Sapiens (Wheeler Dealer)

Rat Finks (Ed Big Daddy Roth)

Rising Sun (The Tin Dynasty)

Royal Corgis (Fit for a Prince)

Sweet 16 (When You Hot You Hot)

What a Concept (50s Fantasy)

Yesteryear (Timeless Travel)