Brittney Palmer Art

Brittney Palmer Art


Brittney Palmer is a Los Angeles-based artist known for her famed portraits of rock and pop icons as well as evocative abstracts. Growing up in Las Vegas and once a professional dancer, Palmer has always had a drive to create and express herself. She found her creative outlet in painting and committed to her passion by moving to West Hollywood to enroll in art school and learn classic portraiture at UCLA. Palmer’s style of combining fame with visceral feeling with a command of bold color and gestural emotion has since catapulted her into some of today’s most prominent collections.

In 2019, Brittney became a resident artist with a regular pop-up gallery at ParkMGM Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. Her pieces are regularly showcased at AmFAR and UNICEF auctions around the globe. A large body of her work can be seen throughout The W Hotel in Hollywood and in some of the most prominent private collections.


We are all connected by an energy that flows through us. Bonded together through something that cannot be seen, but can be felt. There is a beautiful electricity in life - through love, art, happiness and even pain. Painting is an escape for me, through all of the ups, downs and complexities in this world, art is my way of creating my own world.

I choose to work in bright and bold colors that take form through movement and emotion. Whether it reveals itself as an abstract or a portrait, I want you to find in it your own vibrant narrative. See what is to be seen through your lens. As an artist it is my responsibility to capture the essence of the subject or of the moment and make an indelible mark on the viewer.

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