Brenda Kay Art

Brenda Kay Art

As a prophetic artist I can hear from the Holy Spirit and Paint what I see. The words become a picture and bring light into dark places. I believe my art is more than a pretty picture on the wall. I am passionate about the message of Jesus Christ and I use my art as a spiritual weapon to fight the good fight of faith. It has the ability to remind us of who we are in Christ.

I began my artistic career at the tender age of 5 when my grandmother would take me to church and put a pencil in my hand and told me to draw something about what I had heard in the sermons. Later she put a paintbrush in my hand and had me paint a tiny pink flower on one of her paintings. I still have that painting today. She taught me what she knew in art, but I know God spoke to my spirit many years later and that's when my art got better.

Despite my grandmothers efforts to guide my path, the art did not save me. I became rebellious as I grew up and dropped out of high school. I dreamed of becoming a professional artist but I had little to no experience, and eventually became homeless. I came to know the Lord as my personal savior after a long and difficult road later.

Today I own a successful art business called Brenda's Creations Art Studio and Gallery. I teach art lessons and sell my work. I also do live painting events and I am the founder of Artist Night Out Experience. Now that I am married with 4 children and 3 grandchildren I have come to know God in a more personal way. I spent 13 years in ministry 12 years in business and now I am on my way to becoming a published author and artist.

I pray that my art speaks to your soul and leads you to Jesus Christ. I pray that God uses my gift to help and heal the broken hearted. But most of all I pray I leave behind the message of the gospel of Jesus in a powerful way that brings love into your life and transforms the way you see the world.