My name is Greg Collins. I am an Australian living in the USA. I have traveled to 61 countries and along my journey met some fantastic artists and local art brokers.

-Have you ever visited a country, or a city and loved the local artwork?
-Hesitated to buy local art because you didn't have room in your luggage?
-Had concerns it might get damaged on your travels?
-The excess luggage cost may not be worth it?
-You didn't want to go through the hassle, time, or cost in working out how to send it home?

Some of my favorite places to collect art, have been cities/countries with naturally gifted artists. Some artists may have no formal education and training, but rely on their natural talents and artistic skills to create phenomenal artwork. Often the skills and talents passed down from generation to generation.

Other artists have come through art schools and formal art training programs. Whether the artist is highly trained and talented, or received the natural gift from generation to generation, I hand pick quality pieces of art which supports local artists and the local economy.

Some of my favorite places to collect art are from countries like Brazil, Chile, India, Nepal, and Peru to name a few.

-Why some of these countries over others?

- The artists demonstrate a great eye and talent for artistic detail. The artists are very proud of their work, and take time to make sure every piece of art is of the highest quality.
- You are supporting local artists and the local economy. Some of these countries are considered 3rd world countries.
- The artists are very particular on the materials used to produce the artwork.

By buying the artwork that I am selling, you are supporting artists and their families in some of the poorest countries in the world. The proceeds of the sales help cover the costs of the art and shipping. It also helps fund travel in search of new artists to some of the underdeveloped parts of the world.

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