The J Bonham Collection

My name is Jeffery Bonham. I am a 47 years old. I am an Air Force Retiree and Disabled Veteran. I've always found drawing, doodling, and sketching very relaxing and enjoyable. I have several binders of what I call black and white abstract pictures from several years ago to present day. I have only shown a few family members my drawings and only a handful of people in passing if we just happened to be talking about art, sketching, and drawing. I've finally decided to put a group of random items out to the internet world and see what people think. I don't describe any one item specifically, just basically when I get the urge to draw, I call my finished product, "from nothing to something" and then scan in the page, allowing the individual to rotate it in any direction to see what they see and like and maybe would like to have as their own. Happy sketching. Enjoy! JB

New Drawings Jul 2016

Gallery #2

Gallery #1