BodySong Art

BodySong Art

Both photography and painting make my heart sing. I’ve always loved taking photographs, I love to catch the light or discover an unusual composition, or a scene that makes me feel something. Then in 2019, I discovered the palette knife and fell in love with it. I call my art BodySong art because I always create from a place of feeling into my BodySong. When I first start, I tune into my heart to hear it’s song and then I choose colors that match that. Those find their way onto my canvas in a random way. I ‘live’ with this ‘song’ for a few days turning it around until the image that is there to see pops out at me at which time I set about refining it. I am always surprised at the result, and people’s reactions. I’m the author or the book, Your BodySong: 18 minutes to health, happiness and longevity, and it’s cover was another creation that popped out at the canvas. Painting is a way to work through emotions and it makes me happy. When I’m not painting, you can find me pottering in my large garden, doing company wellness training, playing pickleball or cards with friends!

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