Sometimes I see auras around trees, sometimes I see the trees dancing in the wind, but I always see colors. I have a passion for combining my creative mind with my environment to create my art. Although the subject matter of my artwork changes and evolves through my life experiences, I always return to nature. My technique varies as I encourage the water and the pigment to embrace my canvas of paper with new ideas. I am guided by the spontaneity of the color mixes and interesting new shapes, for my impressionistic or abstract paintings. I love all mediums, but the one I use the most is watercolor. The vibrancy of its transparent characteristics, allows another technique called painting in the negative. I frequently go back to the realistic painting of florals, marine life, seascapes. Visit my personal website to see all the other subjects and mediums that I use.

Bobbin Doodle


Landscapes of France


Flamingos and Birds

Abstract Floral

Abstract Music