Out-of-the-Blue Fairy

Out-of-the-Blue Fairy


Hello, New Friend - welcome to my gallery! I am a "born again artist" who had forgotten her innate Gift many years ago. I carried painful "art scars" instilled by my 7th grade art teacher. He told me that I should "stick with science and math...stuff you're good at" because I would "never be able to be a true artist."
Fast forward 30-plus years later to a paint night with my best friend. The art instructor's directions were not making sense to me, so I decided to paint what I wanted instead. I could not believe the results at first...did I actually paint this beautiful scene? But it was then that I realized that I am, INDEED, an artist...a true artist!
I now wholeheartedly embrace my passion for art and want to share it with you. Let's bring more beauty into this weary world...together.


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