Blueskye spray paint

Blueskye spray paint

I am a new artist. I started creating art as a way for me to let go of all my troubles and anxieties. I was so full of anger, betrayal, sadness, and fear and it kept building inside of me. I suffered from overwhelming panic attacks because I had no escape from the life around me. My parents were the first ones to give me art supplies and encourage me to explore my creativity. To me, my art is more than just an expression or my feelings they are a part of myself. You can see my dreams, my beliefs, and who I really am if you look close enough. When I feel that life is just too much instead of giving up I let my creativity take me away to a whole new world for a while until I am strong enough to face the world again. I would love to share my works with those that want them.

You can follow my works of art at:

Instagram: bluelove7775

Acrylic Landscape