Black Pop Art Gallery

Black Pop Art Gallery

Contact: Solomon Lyttle (+45 9330 0001)

Founded in 2009, Black Pop Art Gallery buys/sells/curates Urban, Street, Graffiti, and Contemporary arts as well as organizes private B2B dining events.

With a career built around an extensive foundation in financial investments to the study of art history, Solomon Lyttle founded Black Pop Art Gallery in Copenhagen K. Black Pop Art Gallery is both an art advisory and a gallery, bringing new breadths of style and art to light, engineering international recognition for new talents, and creating new ways to highlight creativity and all the mediums that art embraces.

Some of the artists that Black Pop Art Gallery exhibits:
- Andy Warhol
- Banksy
- Damien Hirst
- HAHA (Regan Tamanui)
- Jean-Micheal Basquiat
- Keith Haring
- Martin Whatson
- Matthew Small
- Pablo Picasso
- Timmi (Oneliner) Mensah
- Zak Ove


Zak Ove

HA-HA (Regan Tamanui)

Alberto Ramirez

Matthew Small

Martin Whatson