Bigkat Gallery

Bigkat Gallery

Hi there! My name is Andres Alvarez, and I run I have always been encouraged to be creative. That creativity aided me greatly when I decided to enter the art exhibition held for the Almost Real Things magazine launch party, in 2017. At the time, this exhibition was really a “next level thing” for me.

Art is a very therapeutic process for me. I love to dabble in a lot of different things such as printmaking, photography, design, drawing, and cartooning. However, I am most passionate about painting with the vibrant colors of oils and acrylics.

I want to at least give people something interesting to look at.

I'm Texan through and through. I come from a Hispanic family, and I grew up on the West side of Laredo. I learned art at the School of Hard Knocks, self-taught with a lot of trial and error. I did take a few art classes in college, but believe it or not, none of them were for painting. Over the years, I've visited Austin many times. I quickly fell in love with its dynamic and active art and culture scene.

Art will always be in my life. Whether designing things or painting them, I want to forever be moving forward.

I like it best when my paintings are thematically related to one another. That's why one of my previous series married pop culture — Star Wars, specifically — with the energetic colors I love so much.

In my next series I want to explore geometry, especially as found in the buildings I see in downtown Austin. (This can all change)

Changing the world is hard, especially for just one person. Still, I lead by example — I am one of the many people doing what they love. I want to show others that anything is possible, if only you set set some goals and then stick to them.

Is it strange to say that life as a whole is my inspiration? All of my experiences, both good and bad, have shaped me into the human and artist I am today.

I love collaborations, too, like the art baby Trevor Andrew made with Gucci. They make worlds collide in the best way possible.

Come find me.