Prophetic art/SilentPreacher

Prophetic art/SilentPreacher

I am a prophetic artist. I create live paintings on stage in worship services, concerts, retreats and special occasions. I also create personal prophetic paintings or digitals at your request.
Prophetic art has the power to speak to you instantly and also gradually. Prophetic art is almost like a window, a step latter where angels ascend and descend. They come with revelation from the throne of God. And they take with them your request. When you hang one of these prophetic paintings or digitals, your home will be filled with the presence of God in a very real tangible way. What makes it even more special is that these prophetic paintings are created for you personally. I take every request as if God brought you to me. I pray for you, I intercede for you. All of this is done as I am sketching. It's much more simpler to paint prophetically for the general public. But God has called me to paint for his saints one by one. Not to boast but I am 85% accurate. We don’t see clearly, we only see as if through a dim glass. Your part is to pray and ask God for more, more clarity. And he will give you much more than I could ever see.

This is how God uses me in the prophetic arts, I ask the Lord in prayer to show me or tell me something about yourself. He then gives me a revelation, verbally in which I take and visualize it. Or he simply just shows me a vision. In the sketching process, the Lord begins to interpret what the sketch means. Then I paint it. I only send sketches out if you definitely are serious in a painting.

These are the sizes and prices for paintings on canvas: 16x20 $150.00, 18x24 $200.00, 24x30 $250.00, 24x36 $300.00. Plus shipping and handling.

Digital artwork 11x14 on photo matte poster is $150.00, this is a physical print sent to you by mail. If you want a digital artwork 300dpi jpeg sent to you by email. which you can download to your computer and then onto a USB and then take it to your printer like Staples, and enlarge it up to about 24x30, and also make multiple copies. This option is $200.00. If you want both a print (11x14, $150.00) and a jpeg digital ($200.00) a total of $350 I will give you a discount of $50.00 making the grand total $300.00. Remember these are not copies they are original, personally made for you.
Thank you so much,