Chick Artistic Creations

Chick Artistic Creations

Beverly is a colored pencil, mixed media artist who works with many different mediums including graphite pencil, acrylic, pastel and watercolor. Her favorite medium is a unique combination of colored pencil and Turpenoid. (Turpenoid is an odorless form of turpentine.)

When Turpenoid is applied to the colored pencil, it breaks down the waxy color and creates an interesting effect that looks more like a painting than a drawing.

She has an Associates Degree in Fine Art from Fullerton College and has taken many art classes at Boise State University.

She has her own business, Chick Artistic Creations, where she markets and sells many different types of art products, including art prints & originals, jewelry, note cards, and hand painted rock animals.

Art Statement:
Many experts in the field of art say you must specialize in one thing only. I did that for many years, but I got bored! And I wasn't growing as an artist. Staying in the one-niche category is just too limiting for me. I wish to be identified as a creative artist and not a one-niche wonder. My art is about more than just marketing, it is about learning, growing, exploring and experimenting.

But If I were to go with one niche, it would be animals and nature. I aspire to create art that communicates the beauty of nature, the humor of animals and my love for them, and the simplicity & renewal of spirit that can be found by making them a part of our lives.

Animals and nature have so much to teach us, if we have ears to hear. They speak of eternal truths and important principles of wisdom that are often forgotten or missed.



Hand Painted Rock Animals

Steampunk/Victorian Style Jewelry

Celebrity Portrait Art