I am a retired teacher who is now pursuing my passion for art and astrology. It has been my privilege to travel and see the world where different cultures and people have inspired my creativity.. My art reflects my exploration of many themes and ideas. Using color is my way of provoking feeling into my work. I am blessed to share my life with a wonderful man who was my childhood sweetheart and who shares my love of travel and culture. Many of my paintings come from photographs I took while visiting different countries. Lake Como,Iceland, Lake louise and Israel are just a few of the places I have painted. I also studied fashion illustration and did it professionally for a few years before my children were born. There is a fascination with the human figure and I especially enjoy painting children doing all sort of things. My Astrology background has given me Mythology and Fantasy to toy with in my work and I love seeing an idea come to life on a canvas. Whatever you may think your not just your sun sign, there is much to learn from the oldest science in the world.When it comes to imagination the possibilities are endless. If you are willing to open your mind and heart life can be a fulfilling adventure. My hope is that you relate to my art and it makes you feel as good as it makes me feel while creating it. PS the picture of me was taken in Scotland in Loch Ness...we took a buggy ride led by horses through a magnificent park! There are now many original pieces if you are interested!


Reality and Fantasy