Beth Paintings

Beth Paintings

It is my goal to see beauty where everybody sees none. I believe that there's beauty in everything and I want to capture that beauty through my paintings. Not only that but I want to be able to to have people that see my painting see that beauty, at least that's what I am hoping to accomplish. I have always been fascinated with nature and all forms of art. I love creating, experimenting and exploring different forms of art. A lot of my inspirations comes from experiences. I grew up in a tropical island so you can see lots of tropical themes. But also I love the beach and the calming therapeutic way it heals the soul. So you can see lots of beach inspirations, coastal and salt life. I love vibrant colours but I also love the monochromatic way that duller colours could bring a contrast and give an over all mood.

I have always loved beauty in all forms. I love to see beauty in all aspects of life, in nature, in colors, shapes, textures and patterns. Even when you stare at the ceiling, you will notice cool patterns. Or when you stare at the tiles in your bathroom, it is everywhere if you seek out beauty.There is beauty in everything, well, almost everything and I want to see beauty where others see nothing.

I happen to discover my skill for painting while I was actually very sick and didn't know it. I was seeing colors, vivid colors and patterns like a hallucination. Turns out my optic nerves were being stimulated due to a large mass in my pituitary gland compressing my optic nerves. I didn't know what it was then. It has been 2 years now after my brain surgery and I love my painting journey. It has been a great outlet and therapy for me.But also has given me wonderful and colorful world where I can create and recreate and color my own world. It has been amazing.

Lots of my paintings are beach inspired. Love the beach, it truly has healing powers. Love vivid and bright colors. Love tropical,coastal themes,nature flowers and they reflect in my paintings. It also reflects my travels and experiences, my mood and how I want to see the world. I go around and I notice something awesome, something different, something beautiful and I want to put it on a canvas. Because these things need to be captured and preserved and that others may see what I see in a place, in a situation, in a moment, in an experience.