Ben Salomonsky Photographic Designs

Ben Salomonsky Photographic Designs

Trying to create an historical perspective about my personal relationship with a camera is quite daunting, for I cannot recall a moment to where there wasn't one in my hands.

As a mere child, in the First Grade; I entered a drawing contest to where the Grand Prize was a Brownie camera. Frankly, it never occurred to me that I would win; but, luck had it that I was the recipient of this marvelous instrument. At that same school, in later years; I became the School Photographer. To this day, I remain quite proud of the images that are forever preserved in those yearbooks.

I have questioned myself as to my interest, to which I have concluded that it is some sort of haphazard DNA occurrence. It is rumored that my paternal grandfather was the first man in Norfolk to have his own "in-home" darkroom. My father and my uncle were smitten with the avocation; to which it only seems fitting that the photography gene was passed along. Being a Third Generation Jeweler may have a little something to do with it, as well, for you always train your eye to the notion of aesthetics, proportion, and perspective. If you appreciate one artful medium; it stands to reason that you will love and dabble in another.

Having grown up quite "Old School", my mindset to photography are the basics that have been passed down generationally, which are to think creatively about your shot - where do you position yourself, stay away from the "normal" perspective that the masses may feel is glorious, pay attention to lighting, click the shutter generously, and keep your fingers crossed for good results. Having not been reared on Photoshop; my photographs, for the most part, are how you see them in their natural state. Paying attention to my surroundings when simply going for a car ride, or taking walk, is my muse. There is no contrived notion that today is "picture day."

Thank you for visiting my ArtPal site, and I hope that the walls of your home or office will enjoy a few of my Photographic Designs. A morning cup of coffee with your favorite Ben Salomonsky image on it is most assuredly a marvelous way to start your day, as well.