Born in Nigeria, bred in Ukraine, Adeboye’s life is a rollercoaster. He has enjoyed, endured, evolved through many moments of life. From overcoming a back problem in his youth to surviving 2 major racist assaults, Adeboye has numerous intriguing stories to tell. He embraces a mixture of two civilizations, having the Russian culture dominating the most developmental years of his life. An African man, with African blood and African genes, Adeboye is a fanatic lover of his beloved people and nation.

Adeboye is a serious thinker and contemplator of how things connect to one another. He has a host of theories, concepts and thoughts with more and more being added each day. It is Adeboye’s hope that with time he will be able to effectively communicate these ideas through the appropriate media.

He believes in wholeness and inner harmony and has an unshakable faith at the root of all that he is. A popular saying goes ‘Practice what you preach’. Adeboye only knows how to preach what he embodies.

An enthusiastic of life and an ardent explorer of anywhere geographically and financially accessible, Adeboye has many experiences and adventures to call on.

Adeboye Oluwajuyitan is blessed with innate creativity and his genuineness in his approach to everything enables him to leave an impression everywhere he goes. This genuineness also helps him communicate expressiveness so purely in the form of art.

In summary, Adeboye is an highly thoughtful, extremely emotionally aware individual, possessing an arsenal of learned skills, understood concepts, ideas and developed thinking pattern. When Adeboye is asked about the reason behind his art, he responds, “I want to express my creativity in a natural and uncontrolled way. No rules. No limits. Just whatever that is flowing inside of me getting an outlet”.

Adeboye’s overall objective is to promote and inspire originality and freedom in thought and in expression.