Bedouin Dreams

Bedouin Dreams

Eman Abdalla is a first generation American born Egyptian artist who currently resides in Attleboro, Massachusetts and has been exploring the world of creation through art since the year 1991. Starting her journey through simple line work drawings until her sophomore year in High School where a paint brush dabbled in oil paints was placed in her left hand changed her way of self expression forever.

Beginning through painting still life with oils and exploring how colors work together and against each other was she then able to continue her life work to present the world with a new way of perceiving our reality. Her ability to see her surroundings through a shroud of static and floaters due to her optical condition of Visual Snow is astounding and beckons the viewer to put aside everything they know of our current state and challenge their minds eye to see through what is in front of them.

Using acrylic paint and varying brush techniques she is able to capture visuals unlike anything the art world has seen. Seeing perfection in imperfection is what drives every one of her pieces and allowing her raw emotions to be captured transcendently through her brush. Every piece is created through meditation first before a brush even touches the canvas ensuring that whatever comes out of her is true to the abstract world. By not naming any of her works she invites the viewer to see what they see without potentially influencing them due to a name. She welcomes her viewer to name the piece as they wish similar to adopting a pet from a shelter, this she believes allows the viewer to feel and develop their own personal connections.

We continue to grow and evolve everyday.