Beauty by the Beast

Beauty by the Beast

Art and creation is just part of my DNA just as blood flows through the body. It's a force under the surface that draws me to create. I'm from a small town, in Michigan, but that has never dampened my imagination and I can often be found trying my hands in many mediums, in multiple genres. I enjoy my somewhat unconventional processes of creation. I have three children who inspire me, and an artistic family that supports me. I'm a bit of a loner or recluse at times, especially when giving birth to a new process/pieces.

I draw my inspiration mainly from people, but from Nature as well. Their loves, trials, pain, and taboos inspire my need to create things. I want to bring things to light so to speak.

I studied digital art, communication, and business in college. I studied hair, makeup, and nails at trade school, and started spiritual/religious questing at a young age. I'm a cosmetologist, who enjoys artistic expression with hair as a medium too. I've done tats and piercings in the past. I have had a few legit gallery openings, and I've been commissioned for small personal works. I'm honestly an artistic conundrum. I think that shows in my work. I can be pretty random moving with spirit as it sparks me into action.

I hope to create and inspire for many years to come and spread the joy and beauty of my creations to others.

I have been told I have a "style" but I'm not sure how I would define it.

I've worked in the following mediums

Oil painting
Acrylic painting
Home decor
Up cycling
Colored pencil
Web Design
Digital animation
Body painting

This isn't a resume right? I don't enjoy writing a Bio. This is my attempt at it. Buy my works if you like them? Commission me so I can eat? Help fund my kids dreams? That seems more honest. Thanks for stopping by. :)

Lilly Love

Sunset/Sunrise Photography

Maple Hand Carved Wands

Warrior/Tribal Wire Wrapped Stones

Oil Paintings