Hi my names caleb guthrie, im new to the art world. I started painting in aug of the year 2017. Do to an accident at work that i could no longer do. I was angry mad at the world man because of what happen. Then one day i started to paint. The first painting i did what a blue world something easy to try and learn. Let me tell yeah it looked so so so horrible but good at the same time, and right there i was hooked tho. Because it turned out still looking beautiful. That's how i got started. But more i did the better i have become and thats when i started to put in more feeling and start to think about life. Thats a little of what you guys get to know of how my art came to and how its grown, but a little more about me i have a son i like being outside i used to workout , im a leader but i do have my sad days and happy just like everyone els , camping, fishing im an all around guy. But my picture tells some pretty good storys. So i want you guys to figure them out! Please pass my art around and share how my art came to me!