Jim Bavosi is a photographer who lives in central Massachusetts. He received his degree and formal instruction in 35mm photography while attending Southeastern Massachusetts University from 1970-1974.

Jim has been in love with cameras since finding an old Agfa 120 folding roll camera in his mother’s bureau in the early ‘60s. He has used many brand cameras since then, and kept them too! His early photography professors and instructors insisted that he develop a “critical eye,” and this lens/lesson was to become his most valuable. He also learned that what was left out of the frame or composition was just as important as what was put in. Refusing to be categorized, he describes his style as eclectic. However, he does seem to favor producing abstract, landscape and nature photographs.

When digital photography permitted mistakes to become less expensive, he began to hone his craft and share it online. Since 2008, Jim has sold internationally to public and private collectors and buyers thru several online galleries under the name BavosiPhotoArt. Locally, he has shown and sold photographs at fine gift stores and galleries. Jim was even fortunate enough to have been a shop artist at The Danforth Museum in Framingham. He has also exhibited at The Newburyport Artist Association and The Maine Art Gallery. Currently, he often shows his work at The Post Road Art Gallery in Marlboro.

Jim still prefers to use quality 35mm legacy lenses on his DSLRS, because it gives him "old school" manual control over new technology. Even with all this available camera help in the field, Jim spends considerable time with post processing. If all this results with causing a viewer to pause at one of his images to experience something different from what they may have seen while witnessing an original scene, Jim's efforts will have been worthwhile.

Although he has decades of experience in this art medium, Jim Bavosi still regards himself as an emerging artist with much to learn. Nearing retirement age, he feels honored to have been associated with the field of photography, and believes his best years are still before him. His day job is working for a large non-profit organization helping those with disabilities. He knows he is a luck man in so many ways.

March 2017