Exhibit G by Jasper Perkins

Exhibit G by Jasper Perkins


Born in North Carolina moved to Long Island New York at the age of 7. Went to high school at Farmingdale and on to the United States AirForce as a Jet Engine Tech/ mechanic...continued government service with the Maritime Administration Department of Transportation Benicia California western region/ Also with the administration as EEO Counselor RegionX...went on to run Veterans Transportation as manager in Vallejo California...resides in New York at the present....I have been drawing and painting since a very early age and continue to do so.Playing music is my second passion I'm a bass guitarist in a local R&B band currently....The artwork I created of what I call my people developed in my junior high days from my art instructor Mr Sherman....best teacher ever....I dedicate most of these works in his honor...Now that's the Structured part of my journey through this lifetime but much much more substantially. High school basketball was a blast, one of my favorite things da saying...I will walk a mile for a Camel...Well that's me and more. Art has always been in my life from Day 2, My Parents my MOMMA & DADDY...It's all You Thank you for Us.


Off World

Flashlight / The Dark Edition

In The Beginning




Black and White