Bassam Shmordok

Whether painting on canvas,
capturing an image on film Bassam knew from a very young age that he wanted to create and it was obvious that he had an ability to see and express his ideas in profound ways. He continuously nourished his interests, as a student, with the support and evaluation of his instructors. As his skills and vision have grown, so has his portfolio, cultivating a successful career in art ,photography and creating usable art.
Bassam’s work as an artist allowed him to travel throughout Canada for four years, deepening his appreciation for its landscape and people. He was then based in Calgary for several years, exploring the Rockies and expanding his vision. Bassamh has also completed many inspiration photography trips including a year in the Middle East and a year-long trip to New Zealand. The result is a diverse portfolio.

The Storyteller's collection began over four years ago and is continuously expanding and changing as our lives continuously expand and change.