I am a native from the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I am self-taught, and I try to catch in my own vision the rustic charm and beauty of my surroundings, painting primarily land and seascapes, childhood memories, and life of the Eastern Shore culture. Being a bohemian at heart, I will venture to other areas for different subjects, just for new flavors periodically. To me, art is spiritual, and I love to go places I have never been, art takes me there.

All basket bottoms are from a real bushel basket used usually from crabbing. They are cleaned, prepped, then bordered. A good coat of gesso is applied for sealing, then they are painted with a mid-bodied acrylic paint. they are sealed with a flat sealer, and then a hanger is placed on the back. They are great gifts, and I have had commissions doing pickups, farms, workboats, pets, and pictures sent to me of favorite spots. I also will do a remake very close to any of the ones you see here on the site, however, I do try to change a little to give each bottom its own character. They are used a lot of times over doorways as door crowns.

The canvas range in size, which is posted with the painting. They are pre-primed and are of a mid-grade quality. Paintings are priced equivalently and are sealed as well with a flat sealer.

I do not pay for shipping, and if so, it will be added to the posted price of the painting. I hope you can find a home for a piece of my art....

Seascapes and Local Origin

Basket Bottoms (General)