Ông Thê’Huy (Vietnam, city saigon, now HCMC)

Ông Thê’Huy (Vietnam, city saigon, now HCMC)


Ông Thê’Huy - Born in 1954 in South Vietnam the city of Saigon. A native Chinese from a Chiuchow family. His mother was born in London and his father study at the London University. His two brothers and one sister were born in London. His father went back to South Vietnam and help his grandfather business where Ông Thê’Huy was born from the youngest of four.

When Ông Thê’Huy was seven, his parent took him away from the Vietnam War, to a boarding school in England. He travel to Europe on his school holiday to Paris, Germany, Austria and saw those architecture which taught him the differences in life. Ông Thê’Huy now lives in Hong Kong - SAR (Special Administration Region) of China.

Arriving Hong Kong, Ông Thê’Huy studied at St. Stephen’s college and went on further study in Foundation of Art & Design at the Hong Kong University extra mural dept a 2 years course
He went further study for a year in wood blocks, etching, silkscreen and calligraphy.
His work’s involves with spray guns and some particular style, has 18K gold leafs plating in some of his composition.
Ông Thê’Huy comes up with new technique whenever he fined time to experience it. Some technique goes back over forty years from oil paint he loves to mix, pour, spray.
Ông Thê’Huy has kept one painting of his horse for his own private collection. Ông Thê’Huy Chinese horoscope is the year of the horse.

Ông Thê’Huy has exhibited at the Hong Kong City Hall 1977. Organized by the Hong Kong Museum of Art and presented by the Hong Kong Urban Council. He was amongst the 20 artists in oil painting in that category selected out of three thousand artists throughout Asia for the HK contemporary Art Exhibition at the Hong Kong City Hall. In 1973 – 1976, he had a view solo exhibition at the Hong Kong Hotel and the Excelsior Hotel.

Ông Thê’Huy in 2010 donated few of his lacquer painting to some Charity Foundation and one of the charity had an auction night, it fetch HK$85,000 it all went to support children education.

Ông Thê’Huy studies with materials that can reflect his understanding in painting. He has put his creativity as an artist. Being an artist, you have to be creative in something. Make a unique idea for yourself by showing what can be creative with material you can find, study what it can do.

To contact - Ông Thê′Huy (artist).
Mobile: Hong Kong (852) 9239 0986.
Email: Barry0387@gmail.com
WhatsApp: 92390986

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