Barrington is an English man who's lived on four different continents and done business on five.

Decades ago his abstract style was not appreciated at his school art class, in Dorset, nor at the de Young art school, in San Francisco. At the latter, he had the best art teacher who liberated him by saying, don’t bother to turn up - just practice on your own, at home.

Whether that’s because his teacher did not feel he had any talent - or not - remains to be seen. Which of course, you can judge by viewing a small sample of his work, below -

He has previously exhibited at the -
Woodside Gallery, Mill Valley, USA
Mill Valley Gallery, California
San Francisco, Art Bureau
First Light, Byron Bay, NSW, Australia
The Synergy Gallery, Chelsea, London

He has written a couple of books, the last being - "The Art of Seeing Straight" available at:

His advise for observing the work is, “Please, don't analyse what you see - as there is nothing to find in the paintings - except random colours on white background.

Only the ego will look for imagines (or something significant) which thus overlooks the obvious. Why? Because, the art is designed to confound the ego and instead align with your metaphysical/esoteric sense. Which is way beyond the limitations of form and the self!

To experience the painting as intended - see it from your inner intrinsic silence – free of thought and interpretation - a fresh perception or 'pre-sense...

Thanks for your attention

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