About: Barrington - the Monaco artist

When Vincent van Gogh was criticised for, “painting too quickly” he would respond by saying, “no, you see too quickly!”.

That, taken from a 1888 letter to his brother Theo - sets the theme - for now.

Barrington was publishing and editing ‘Lifestyle’ (the holistic health/human potential - magazine) in California back in the day when entrance to The San Francisco, Museum of Modern Art had free viewing on a Thursday evening. There, admiring Roscoe’s simple compositions and other works he mused, as many others must have, “anybody could do that”.

Back home he bought some art materials from the SF Art School up the road and very quickly found out that it’s not so easy. Quite the contrary as his efforts turned out to be stiff and stilted messes - with no redeeming qualities.

Therefore, he enrolled into - de Young School of Art. Here, he had not much more success except for the fact that he had the best art teacher he could have hoped for. Because, he was told, “Don’t bother to turn up for class - just practice on your own at home and develop your own style’. Ah! Liberation, freedom and permission to experiment without any outside influence or constraints! What a gift…

So, from there his artistic journey began - with the intention of blending the spirit of his wellness/consciousness magazine with the ‘Direct Experience’ of - seeing. After much practice, his paint finally began to flow freely, such that for many people: The chaotic combination of colours and contours created a calming or comforting - cohesion of conscious coalescing…

Consequently, there’s more to each painting than meets the eye. Yet, please note - there aren’t any hidden forms or images to find. The compositions are for beauty, so you’re invited to experience that and freedom – in each work. Then you may remember, in amazement, the wondrous freedom of pure seeing - from that inner silent space…

Therefore, the theme of this collection is -
“Please pause, to - see & hear - here”

Previous exhibitions:
1981 Woodside Gallery, Mill Valley, California
1982 The Mill Valley Gallery, Marin, CA
1982 The San Francisco Art Bureau, SF, CA
1995 The Synergy Gallery, Chelsea, London
2000 The 1st Light Gallery, Byron Bay, Australia
2019 Gaudio Gallery, Monaco
2021 Art3f Art show, Monaco
2022 Art3f Art show, Monaco

Since then, Barrington has moved from London to Monaco (having lived and worked on five different continents) and wrote ‘The Book of Clues for innerTelligence’ and . It’s only recently that he was inspired to squeeze some paint out of the tubes, again.

2020 The Gaudio Gallery - Fairmont Hotel, Monaco

His proposal for ‘Directly Experiencing’ this art work is –
“Please, don't try to analyse what you see - as there is nothing to find in the paintings such as any recognizable images. There are just shapes and colours on white background. The paintings are about the observer either sensing or aligning with his or her own still – inner wonder and beauty.

This art is designed to confound/transcend the mental by aligning with the metaphysical/esoteric sense of being. Which is way beyond the limitations of images, form and the ego self!

So to experience a painting as intended - observe it from your inner intrinsic silence – free of thought and interpretation - a fresh perception or 'pre-sense...

PS Unfortunately, these photos do not convey the real impact of the art work and so please note that the images here are not really a good enough to produce adequate quality prints.

Please contact: for more info.

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