The desire to create has been with me since I can remember. I've always tried to see beauty in the little things. When I was a small girl I sat in a char in front of a rosebush convinced that if I sat and stared at it long enough I would see it bloom into something beautiful.


I began my journey writing songs at the age of seven and sang my little heart out. In grade school I was always so proud when the teachers would say how good I was at coloring inside the lines. I wrote my first chidren's story, with drawings, in the second grade called, "The Schmozers". Funny. At sixteen I had one of my poems published in an anthology called, "Loneliness" and by eighteen I was playing in a band on Hollywood Blvd. At age twenty five I decided to try oil painting. I painted a vase with flowers and a portrait of my two beautiful children, (I still have it ). It was difficult with no lessons. I don't recall why buy I stopped painting after just those two paintings. Soon I went back to playing and writing music and even taught myself how to play guitar so that I could play out alone if I chose to.

Well, life can get in the way sometimes, jobs, life changes, etc. For a while I wasn't doing any of it except for playing guitar alone in my home once in a blue moon. Then one day my husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas, (Christmas of 2014), I said that I wanted paints not expecting anything to come of it. I studied alone. Only days later after receiving my gifts I began to paint again. My husband was at work and I sent him a picture text of my painting. He was astonished. Eight months later we began getting them digitally photographed and putting them in small galleries and exhibitions.

I grow every day. I believe I have found my true creative link that will last the rest of my life. I see things differently now. Sunsets,clouds, emotions. My favorite paintings to create lately are black and whites. Not just black and white. Life is NOT black and white but it's black and white with all of those beautiful shades of grey in between that life throws at us and yes a dab of color for hope.

So, now in my 40's I find myself sitting in that same chair as when I was a little girl, staring at the rosebush (CANVAS) waiting to see it bloom into something beautiful.