Bianca's Original Art

Bianca's Original Art

Hello there! My name is Bianca, I am a self-taught, naturally gifted, Traditional Artist who is looking for advice and critiquing from other artists, as well as exposure and sales of my artwork.
My earliest memory of creating art is; drawing the head of a horse with my Grandfather; when I was only 4 years old. I have not put down the pencil since! All of my works of art are created by hand, in different mediums. NOTHING, is digitally created or enhanced!!

When I paint, I use mainly oils & acrylics and when I draw I use pen, pencil, watercolor pencil crayons & charcoal.

By watching such shows as the Joy of Painting with Bob Ross, I learned how to paint. Although I only took up painting in 2005, I find that people, are very fond of my art and, are always telling me I should be rich and famous from it... since I commenced painting, I have sold about 25 of my paintings to date ( all through word of mouth & showing pictures of my creations). So I am giving this Gallery a chance.

As I am hopeful of great things to come my way & very confident in my skills, I am quite certain I can create a picture to please your eyes & soul!
I hope you take an interest in my masterpieces & I look forward to hearing from you!

MoonShine Mountains & Auroras

Tantalizing Tropics

Wonderful Waters