Comic Art by BLZ Bob

Comic Art by BLZ Bob

Bob Garland aka BLZ Bob

Digital Artist and published Cartoonist

January 2020, ended my working career at the wonderful "Snow Business", a special winter effects company. My workshop windows looking over the 300 year old mill pond and yonder Stroud valley hills. Happy days.
Now retired, with time on my hands, I’ve dipped my toe in to the multimedia world and I’d like to show you what I’ve been creating during these lockdown times.

Digital Collages. Created from comic covers, vintage ads, newspaper headlines and a little bit of magic. Once the hundred plus layers are merged in to one image, the master copy. I tweak the master to make numerous unique variations.

Comic Strips. “Peanus with Dick & Willie”
Reworked from my two page cartoon scripts, titled "Willie", published in "Smut" an alternative comic. Willie was voted one of the top 3 characters, in readers’ polls, had the top selling T-shirts and his own 64 page special.

Hope you enjoy