Brittany Renner Photography

Brittany Renner Photography

Welcome to the Gallery!

My name is Brittany and I am the founder of BLR photography. I have always had a passion for the arts and I specialize in animal, nature, travel, and landscape photography.

A little bit about me: My inspiration comes from my Grandfather, who was a very talented photographer in his day. I remember seeing his photographs when I was little and wondering how on earth he was able to capture a moment in time like that. I wish we could have more time together and it makes me feel close to him to be following in his footsteps. When you experience something, it may seem like just a moment, but it's really an eternity. You can capture that moment in just a single frame, and keep it forever.

BLR Photography does not only just sell fine art prints, but also operates a full-service website for pets, special event, and commercial photography needs.

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