Indiapaintingart Studio

Indiapaintingart Studio


I am a painting artist from Aurangabad city of India, perceiving my passion for Fine Arts since last 3 years as full-time artist. Since childhood I have been very keen about experimenting with colors & its applications. Under the guidance of my art mentors, & sincere practice I have advanced in my work majorly, using ACRYLIC medium.
What I experienced over a time is – ART COMES FROM WITHIN. So what is to be learnt over a time is ‘Forms of expressing that Art. An Art happens to be in an endless process of self-evolution & expression, which in itself is a true beauty of being ‘An Artist’.


I belong from Aurangabad city of India, a place of historical & architectural marvel. Yet, I have most of my childhood memories from my grandparent’s village that is surrounded with natural beauty & cultural simplicity. The pleasantness of nature’s beautiful creations like flowing rivers, shaded trees, colorful flowers, enchanting birds & various such delicate aspects have been expressed through some of my paintings.
The essence of rural India with abstract & rustic appearing sites of village has gotten deep impressions on me & my work. My latest painting series called Rustic India’ ‘has all the visible influences of these abstract impressions portrayed through rural-architectural formations. Each of these paintings is a structural representation & a form of expression towards certain human emotion & experience that which if an observer looks at it with close involvement, he can relate to his own life in a way.